Integrative Child Therapy and Youth Counseling

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Do you like your Expat Child/Teen to be more self confident and happy?

Sometimes Expat children or teens “in transition” or for other reasons – are not happy. Or you might have the feeling as parents that your child doesn’t function well at school. Teens searching for their identity may have the impression that they are not able to solve their own problem even not with the help of their parents nor with their educators.


Is it difficult to communicate with your child?
Does your child show behavior problems?
Is your child victim of teasing or bullying?
Does your child show lack of self esteem?
Is your child often bothered by stomach pain or headaches?
Is your child afraid of something?
Are you divorced and does your child have problems dealing with it?

The Child and Youth therapy/coaching consists of 4 phases:

I use Integrative Child and Youth Counseling as a multi-disciplinary base in the fields of psychology and sociology to help children from all over the world.

1. Introduction and intake phase whereby the parents (in some cases with their child) discuss the intake form with the therapist. Realistic goals will be discussed and agreed and an initial assessment is made how many session will be necessary to achieve these goals.
2. Research and diagnostic phase whereby the therapist collects information: how the child thinks, feels and behaves. If necessary and with the permission of the parents and/or child third party sources might be consulted. On this basis a unique treatment plan will be written.
3. Child Therapy sessions generally take place once a week a last one hour at a preset time. Sessions may only be cancelled for urgent reasons in the interest of continuity. A variation of intervention techniques are used depending on the problem and the progress. After every 5 sessions the parents will be given feedback by phone.
4. Completion phase. In a final session with the parents (in some cases with their child) the therapist summarizes the process of the therapy and makes recommendations to ensure that the child does not relapse into old unwanted behavior.

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